“African fossils – more than just dinosaurs!”

  • From: February 22, 2014     To: February 22, 2014
“African fossils – more than just dinosaurs!”

– Led by Wendy Taylor (Honorary Research Associate, UCT Department of Geological Sciences & volunteer at Iziko EPP) and Eugene Bergh (Assistant Curator, Invertebrate Palaeontology and Geology, Iziko)

Become a ‘Junior Palaeontologist’ for a day! Take a tour through Africa’s pre-history and learn what amazing creatures roamed the Earth millions years ago. Study how fossils form, examine the different types of fossils, and find out how scientists collect them. Participants will get a special fossil preparation lesson with one of Iziko’s professional preparators, and will assemble their own fossil kit to take home.


Date: Saturday, 22 February
Time: 10h00–16h00
Venue: ISAM Activity Centre
Fee: Free [Max 20 participants]
Ages: 14–18 years

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