AN ARCHAELOGY OF GRAFFITI [or, ‘Graffiti as art(e)fact’ (bit post-modern)]

  • From: May 21, 2013 at 5:30pm     To: May 21, 2013 at 11:59pm
AN ARCHAELOGY OF GRAFFITI [or, ‘Graffiti as art(e)fact’ (bit post-modern)]


Curator of Archaelogy, Iziko Social History Department

Superficially defined as a modern language of the poor and peripheral, a more grounded analysis shows graffiti continuing and extending an ancient tradition of politically-engaged place-ma(r)king. Graffiti has been studied from many perspectives – artistic, psychological, and sociological to name a few. But seldom has an archaeological sensibility been used to situate graffiti as emplaced artefacts with surprisingly long-lived genealogies, often having illuminating ethnographies. This presentation will use case studies that range from 19th century frontier San rock art, to a Thomas Baines painting, to Cederberg inscriptions and to street stories from Berkeley, Calitzdorp and Cape Town.

DATE: Tuesday 21st May
TIME: 17:30
VENUE: Barry Lecture Theatre, Iziko South African Museum
Members R30, Non-Members R40, Students R20

Contact/ enquiries Lizzie O'Hanlon
Tel No: 021 481 3951 email:

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