Month of Photography

  • Location: South African National Gallery
  • From: October 1, 2014     To: October 31, 2014
Month of Photography

Date: 1 October – 31 October 2014
Venue: The Annexe, Iziko South African National Gallery. Entrance via St Johns Road, Cape Town

Block AThokoza Women’s Hostel by Durban photographer, Angela Buckland offers a recording of life in a contemporary African city of informal traders and working women, living beyond the usual contexts of family and tradition.  With the equivalent of over 5 000 residents per hectare, it is the most densely inhabited residential site in Durban.  It is over-crowded as women seek independence and a safe haven from a male dominated society. The Thokoza Women’s Hostel was the first African women’s hostel, built in 1925, in South Africa.  This work is the sister version of a previous work completed in 2002, the oldest men’s hostel in Durban – Block A, Jacobs Men’s Hostel.

Artist Bio

Angela Buckland has been an independent freelance photographer for 20 years, an educator, and practicing artist. She was born in 1962, and grew up in various parts of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Angela initially studied Fine Art, painting and photography at UKZN. She left university after two years to study photography full time at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). At the end of her 4th year she was awarded the Emma Smith Scholarship for overseas study where she completed an M.A. from Birmingham University, passing with distinction.

Angela has won various awards, and was nominated for the international photographic award, Prix Pictet in 2010, and for the DaimlerChrysler award for South African Creative Photography in 2003. She has held solo exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. Her work is held in public and private collections. She has also published three books, Zip Zip My Brain Harts (published by HSRC Press); Light on a Hill (published by David Krut Publishing);and Quiet Place (published by Cleup).

Buckland lectured for many years in the Fine Arts Department at DUT where she set up and designed the photography component for the Fine Art Department. She currently runs her own private photography school, Photogarage.Buckland’s personal practice focuses on private stories of seemingly ordinary people and “the lived experience”, how we interact with friends, lovers, our families and even with strangers; how we desire connectedness and a sense of belonging.

Highlights of her career include exhibition and book: Zip Zip my Brain Harts, a complex personal account of parenting disabled children in South Africa, herself the mother of a mentally challenged son, Nikki; two large installations, Jacobs Men’s and Thokoza Women’s Hostels, an intimate portrayal of migrant life and displacement in South Africa. Photographing the building process of the new Constitutional Court also played a significant role in her career.

Buckland currently works and lives in Durban with her husband, architect David Barrow, and their two teenagers.

About Cape Town Month of Photography (MOP)

The Cape Town Month of Photography Festival (MOP), created by the South African Centre for Photography, is an extensive photo-culture event in South Africa, in its 6th presentation in the World Design Capital 2014. Like its international counterparts, Paris Photo, Visa Pour l, Image Perpignan, the London Month of Photography and the New York, Dublin and Lagos Photo Festivals, it exhibits still and moving images, as well as New Media arts created by photographers, film makers, videographers and artists of excellence, both currently and historically on the national/international photography scene.

The Biennial project offers educational components including workshops, master classes, seminars and walk-n-talk-abouts geared towards the culture seeker, the lay photographer, the amateur, the apprentice and the professional. There will also be a conference that caters for the writer, the academic, the curator, the collector, the historian and of course, the artist. For more information, visit

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