• Location: South African National Gallery
  • From: September 24, 2015     To: May 4, 2016
MOSES TLADI Cloudy Evening (at Kroonstad, OFS) undated Oil on canvas stretched over plywood Private Collection

Moses Tladi, born in 1903 in the remote Sekhukhuneland, is regarded as the first black artist to have exhibited formally in South Africa and was certainly the first black artist to exhibit at the South African National Gallery in 1931. Following the book The Artist in the Garden: The Quest for Moses Tladi by Angela Read Lloyd (Print Matters, 2009), the exhibition brings back into broader public view the significance of Tladi’s work, more than half a century after his death. Despite the fact that Tladi was an accomplished realist landscape painter who flourished in the 1930s, his life ended tragically in 1959 and his reputation appeared to have vanished. Bringing together approximately thirty artworks, the exhibition endeavours to remind the general public of Tladi’s work and to reintroduce him into South African art history.

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