R-A-T: An Associative Ordering

  • Location: South African Museum
  • From: December 8, 2012     To: December 8, 2013
R-A-T: An Associative Ordering
Installation view from R-A-T exhibition. Photograph by Fritha Langerman.

This exhibition, curated by Fritha Langerman, uses Rattus norvegicus, the brown rat, as a means to explore the representation of species within museums of natural history.  Rather than a discrete display, R-A-T is an exhibition dispersed throughout the museum. Furtively making its way into disused corners and cabinets, this spread introduces the rat in relation to ranging themes, suggesting manners in which museum display impacts on the understanding of species.


Fikiswa Matoti
Tel. 021 481 3897
email fmatoti@iziko.org.za

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