Science Film Festival 2018- Anna and the Wild Animals - Internship with the Penguins

  • From: December 10, 2018     To: December 10, 2018
Science Film Festival 2018- Anna and the Wild Animals - Internship with the Penguins

Age Guideline: Primary School (9-11)
Activity:  Make your own Penguin

Anna is stranded on the coast in southern Namibia, where she helps animal researcher Jessica, who has kept a watchful eye the stocks of penguin colonies for many years: feeding sick animals, counting penguins, weighing young chicks and cleaning up nests. Anna did not expect penguins in the heat of Africa. But in the south of the continent, the sea on the coast is cold and full of shoals of fish. Large colonies nest on the offshore islands. However, the African penguins are threatened, because they are finding less and less food for the offspring due to overfishing. Oil disasters have also drastically reduced the number of animals over the past hundred years. Within 15 years, they could actually disappear from the face of the Earth. People like Jessica want to prevent that.

Bring your kids to the Iziko South African Museum for #ScienceFestival2018 – a series of fun holiday film screenings combined with artsand crafts workshops will bring the #ScienceFestival2018 content to life!

The Science Festival will inspire visitors to stimulate their curiosity and creativity while exploringscience and nature through making.

The Science Festival at Iziko Museums is hosted in collaboration with the Goethe institute, providing opportunity for learning,exploration and play.  A wide assortment of films - with a focus on content for young audiences provides something for everyone.

The workshop kicks off with the screening of a film,followed by the hands on, creative session and will be taking place at the TH Barry, Iziko South African Museumfrom 10 until 2pm.

Please note: Workshops may be attended free of charge but museum rates still apply.

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