Zombies and mummies - the dark world of parasitic insects

  • From: March 28, 2017     To: March 28, 2017
Zombies and mummies - the dark world of parasitic insects

Speaker:       Dr Mike Picker
Title:               Zombies and mummies - the dark world of parasitic insects
Venue:            The Mountain Club, 97 Hatfield Street, Cape Town
Time:              18:00
Cost:               Members on presentation of valid 2017 membership card: free of charge
Non-members: a donation of R30.00

Approximately 25% of all species on the planet are parasitic insects, and most of these develop inside the bodies of other insects.

This talk describes the amazing ways in which parasitic insects locate and manipulate their hosts – with some paralyzing their host so that their young can develop over months on a still living but immobile food supply, while smaller species spend their entire larval period growing up in a single insect egg. Most grow up inside the bodies of living insects, with the host sometimes managing to survive the ravages taking place within it body. Parasitic insects are very effective and essential regulators of insect populations, and as such are a boon to agriculture and gardeners.


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