Recent Additions: 2009-2012

  • Nov 5, 2012

The Permanent Collection of the Iziko South African National Gallery has grown in size and stature over a period of more than 140 years. The collection provides insight into the diversity of visual production from historical European to traditional and contemporary African and South African art, revealing shifts in emphasis over time.


The 8th Definitive Series of Stamps

  • Oct 30, 2012

Two years ago, the South African Post Office released a series of stamps featuring artworks executed in traditional African beadwork.  The original beadwork pieces selected and the newly issued stamps can be seen in the exhibition entitled The 8th Definitive Series of Stamps: The luminous beauty of South African beadwork on Stamps at the Iziko South African National Gallery until 11 November 2012


On location – Alexandra Ferreira and Bettina Wind, artists in residence

  • Oct 15, 2012

The Annex Residency Programme, a new initiative working in partnership with Iziko Museums of South Africa’s Education & Public Programmes and Art Collections departments, as well as the Goethe Institut, South Africa, is pleased to welcome artists in residence Bettina Wind and Alexandra Ferreira. The artist duo who go by the name of windferreira, will conduct an artistic research project which starts with some historical South African film work and photography. During the month of October 2012, windferreira will develop their project, exchanging with researchers and practitioners based in Cape Town. A final presentation of their work will be made in early November 2012.


New look for National Gallery - for now

  • Oct 2, 2012


Cape Town, Wednesday 26th September 2012

The Iziko South African National Gallery (ISANG) has never looked like this before - and will not again.

The head-turning change is the work of Antony Ward and is part of Rendez-vous 12, an exhibition of international contemporary art.

The public have less than a month to see the exhibition, a collaboration between ISANG and the Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon, the Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes and the École nationale supérieure des beaux‑arts de Lyon in France. It is presented in association with the Lyon Biennale.


Iziko Social History – debating our Collections in Heritage Month

  • Sep 20, 2012

Iziko Museums has 11 museums which range across the disciplinary divides of social history, art and natural history.  They are dotted around the City Centre, the Waterfront, and in Constantia.  Iziko’s earliest component museum, the South African Museum, dating to the first half of the 19thcentury, was the first museum to be established in South Africa. Its most recently-established museum is the Maritime Museum (1990). Also included in Iziko is Koopmans-De Wet House, established in 1914 as South Africa’s first house museum.

Statement by Iziko Museums’ Chairman of Council

  • Sep 19, 2012

Advocate Brenda Madumise, Chairman, Iziko Museums Council, announced today that Paul Mashatile, Minister of Arts and Culture, has approved the renaming of Iziko Museums of Cape Town, to Iziko Museums of South Africa. The notice of this change was published in the Government Gazette on the 14th of September 2012.


The Past Beneath your Feet - Archaeology in Cape Town’s Golden Acre Shopping Centre

  • Sep 15, 2012

The Golden Acre is one of the few places in urban South Africa where the past so publicly meets the present in the form of the Wagenaar’s Reservoir display (Figure 1). Construction began on 6th August 1663 on the orders of Zacharias Wagenaar, the 2nd Governor of the Cape (1662-1666) to supply European ships with fresh water. 


Celebrate Heritage Week with *FREE Entry for ALL at Iziko Museums

  • Sep 12, 2012

‘See things differently’, gain fresh perspectives and celebrate our diverse cultural heritage. Iziko Museums has partnered with the City of Cape Town, Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA); St George’s Cathedral’s Crypt Memory and Witness Centre; Creative Cape Town and the Company’s Garden to host the in_herit Festival. An exciting and entertaining heritage week programme, of art, food, and fun – a platform to celebrate, question, think and create.


Dialogues conversations between ‘old’ and ‘new’

  • Sep 3, 2012

The Iziko Art Collections Department holds in trust a collection of historical, modern and contemporary works of art that is both South African and international in origin. This diverse collection consists of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, conceptual art, new-media works and the material culture of Southern Africa.


‘Culture, Construction and Citizenship’ A public presentation by artist in residence, Emilio Moreno

  • Aug 28, 2012

The Annex Residency Programme, a new initiative working in partnership with Iziko Museums’ Education & Public Programmes and Art Collections departments, as well as international funding bodies, is pleased to invite you to a public presentation by artist in residence, Emilio Moreno (Spain, 1980). On Saturday, 1 September, 2012 at 14.00 at the South African National Gallery, Emilio Moreno will present elements of his artistic practice and the research produced during his stay in South Africa (from July-August, 2012).


Exhibition of photographs of the Ernest Mancoba Education Poster Project

  • Aug 23, 2012

Ernest Mancoba, painter and sculptor, was born in South Africa in 1904 and died in Paris in 2002. He left for Paris in 1938 and returned for the first time 56 years later in 1994. Although he spent 64 years living outside of South Africa, he drew deeply on South African visual arts and heritage as references in his work.


The Annex Residency Programme: Emilio Moreno

  • Aug 23, 2012

Art doesn’t happened in isolation. It seems obvious but it bears repeating. The Annex Residency Programme is therefore focused on forming unlikely connections between places, people and approaches through artistic practice. Working closely with Iziko Museum Education & Public Programming and Art Collections, as well as international funding bodies, the Annex Residency Programme invites young artists from both international and South African locales to Cape Town for a period of six weeks. During this time, resident guests may conduct a creative research with the programme’s curator, Clare Butcher, and a growing community of collaborators.