Expeditions of exploration

  • Posted: Jun 24, 2014

Keeping children occupied for the next four weeks is a mammoth task. Avoid holiday headaches and start your expedition of exploration at the Iziko South African Museum. A visit to the exhibition, African Dinosaursis a must for all explorers, dinosaur hunters and future archaeologists. Come and experience these magnificent, larger-than-life creatures in person, and unearth the story of their rise and fall.

120 million years ago, the land mass we now know as Africa was home to some of the largest and most ferocious land animals that ever lived – DINOSAURS! Step back in time and see what life must have been like in the age of the dinosaurs.

You will see South African dinosaur fossils (and a pair of early mammals) brought to life, doing everyday things like guarding newly laid eggs, digging for termites and stalking prey.

Find out about the lives of these long-extinct reptiles and their reptilian relatives. Uncover where they came from, what they ate, how they adapted to the ever-changing environment, and what caused their rapid decline into worldwide extinction.

Wrap your mind around the skull size of Carcharodontosaurus, mega-carnivore BIGGER than its relative Tyrannosaurus rex. See the giant mounted casts of the North African fish-eating Suchomimus and herbivorous Jobaria. Modern-day crocodiles are related to dinosaurs, and also displayed is the skull of Sarchosuchus, the largest crocodile yet recorded.

Discover the origins of one of the direct descendant of dinosaurs that survived the extinction, and are still around today – birds!

On show are several uniquely South African fossil specimens, as well as fossils collected by scientists based at the Iziko South African Museum, from remote rock outcrops in southern, eastern and northern Africa.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these magnificent, larger-than-life creatures. African Dinosaurs is a permanent exhibition at the Iziko South African Museum. The exhibition was almost entirely funded by the NLDTF. 

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