Iziko School Holiday Fun!

  • Posted: Sep 29, 2017

School’s out! But just for one short week. Just long enough to plan a day-trip to Cape Town to have some fun while learning about art, the natural world, and our past. And don’t forget…DURING LOCAL SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, children and accompanying adults PAY HALF-PRICE! With so many interesting museums and the planetarium to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice, at half the price! Take a look at what our museums have in store…

Iziko South African Museum
Life-sized reconstructions of enormous African dinosaurs and whale skeletons, and the tiniest insects and their habitats will amaze children of all ages, and may just spark an interest in an exciting career in palaeontology, maritime archaeology, fossil preparation, entomology, or one of the many scarce skill careers available at museums.

At the Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome visitors can expect an immersive, digital 3D experience like no other! A full programme of exciting shows have been put together specially to keep you entertained during the school holidays:

Monday to Friday11:00 Tilt • 12:00 Cosmic Collisions • 13:00 To Space & Back • 14:00 Tilt • 15:00 Cosmic Collisions • 16:00 To Space & Back
Wednesday evening19:00 Cosmic Collisions • 20:00 To Space & Back
Weekends11:00 Tilt • 12:00 Cosmic Collisions • 13:00 To Space & Back • 14:00 Tilt • 15:00 Cosmic Collisions • 16:00 To Space & Back

Iziko Slave Lodge
Step into the past at the Iziko Slave Lodge – a building that once housed the VOC slaves. More than just a store for historical artefacts, this space is alive with stories of slavery and life at the Cape that evoke our nation’s often-painful journey to democracy. In a moving temporary exhibition, Through Positive Eyes explores the day-to-day realities of people living with HIV in places locally and around the world. It features over 100 photographs, sculptural works, and live storytelling that aims to give a human face to this disease, and to banish the stigma individuals living with the disease are often subjected to.

Iziko South African National Gallery
Cape Town’s national art gallery offers art of all ages, for all ages. Uncover a treasure trove of rare and exquisite objects from the Permanent Collection of African Art in Hidden Treasures. Assessing Abstraction offers an exhibition of modern art that is an expression of the artists’ personal and spiritual freedom. Or experience a multi-sensory exhibition in The African Choir 1891 Re-Imagined, an image and sound installation that re-imagines a 19th century performance by The African Choir in Victorian England alongside large-scale, hauntingly beautiful black and white portraits of the choir members. 

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