• Posted: Aug 7, 2017

“Iziko Museums of South Africa (Iziko) will be closing the Ethnography Hall at the Iziko South African Museum as from 15 September 2017. The current exhibition on indigenous ways of life in southern Africa was installed in the Ethnography Hall between 1970 and 1978. It supplemented the famous Khoesan diorama, which was removed in 2001.

After a long process of discussions and debates with staff, stake-holders and other interested parties over the course of many years, the decision has been taken to dismantle this exhibition - now outdated in terms of concept and content.

Iziko is engaged in a proactive process of community consultationthat will involve shared decision-making on a future long-term exhibition in this space. The envisaged exhibition will focus on people in Africa, with an emphasis on environmental, cultural and social issues that will enable the full educational potential of Iziko’s extensive historical collections to be realized, and address museum transformation issues with the broader public. Following refurbishment, the Hall will be used as a venue for temporary exhibitions and public events.

As part of the on-going consultation process, the Khoi-Boesman-Nguni Coalition (an indigenous interest group involved with museum transformation issues) performed a cleansing and re-dedication ceremony in the Ethnographic Hall. Prayers of repentance, sanctification and forgiveness were observed from various traditional groups including the Kei Korana, Khoesan and Nguni.”

Ms Rooksana Omar
Chief Executive Officer
Iziko Museums of South Africa

8 August 2017


Issued by
Kim Lindeboom                                Communications Coordinator,
On behalf of the Chief Executive Officer, Iziko Museums of South Africa
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