Start a Lasting Friendship at Iziko

  • Posted: Jun 30, 2017

Great friends share your life and are often part of those unforgettable moments and memories. Making new friends can also be interesting (and sometimes challenging). But thanks to the two Iziko Friends organisations, the Friends of the Iziko South African Museumand Friends of the Iziko South African National Gallery,meeting like-minded people is just a click away! Membership has countless benefits, including free access to the respective museums that they are affiliated to (Iziko South African Museum and Iziko South African National Gallery), lectures, outings, and interactions with artists, scientists and curators. So join the Friends today, and expand your friendship circle!

Membership to the Friends organisations is open to individuals of all ages who are interested in becoming part of these groups. Friends’ members have interesting activities, and generate interaction between the diverse communities in our society. Gift memberships to either organisation are available, and are a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift idea!

Friends of the Iziko South African Museumare for science, nature and eco-enthusiasts interested in exploring the natural and social history of our country. They arrange monthly lectures with varied and interesting speakers; day outings to places of interest in and around Cape Town and field trips in the company of world renowned scientists – palaeontologists, geologists, archaeologists, ornithologists, entomologists, astronomers and historians ranging from two to five days.

Friends of the Iziko South African National Galleryattract design, culture and art-admirers. Friends’ activities include regular lectures, studio visits, exhibition walkabouts, workshops, and opportunities to meet artists working and exhibiting in and around Cape Town.

For information about exhibitions and workshops, as well as invitations to exhibitions and the full Friends' programme, including walkabouts, lectures, social functions and visits to artists' studios and or field trips, contact:

Charlotte Honiball is the Coordinator and Administrator for the Friends of the Iziko South African Museum, and can be contacted via on Tel. 021 481 3913 between 09:00 and 15:00 Wednesdays and Fridays only, or via email on on Facebook at

Lizzie O'Hanlon is the Secretary for the Friends of the Iziko South African National Gallery. Contact her from 10:00–15:00, Tuesday to Thursday, on Tel. 021 481 3951 or via e-mail on on Facebook at

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