Unearth the stories not found in textbooks

  • Posted: Sep 29, 2017

Beneath our feet, the streets of Cape Town hold the untold stories of our people. Hidden in plain sight, every single day we walk straight past – unaware of our rich heritage. It is said that every time an elderly person dies, it’s as if a library has burnt down, because all their knowledge is lost with them. Iziko Museums of South Africateamed withM&C Saatchi Abel to unearth our hidden heritage. The campaign is aimed at reminding South Africans what Heritage Day is really about, and celebrating the stories we won’t find in textbooks.

Six narratives share unique personal accounts, inspiring listeners to dig deeper, unearth our histories, and visit our museums. The Hidden Heritage campaign ran on Twitter, and prompts followers to tweet the @iHiddenHeritage (handle) with a single hashtag related to the six unique narratives.

Diana Ferrus, writer, internationally renowned poet, and feminist uses her writing to release painful memories and to drive her will to fight. Her accounts relate to her #SlaveHeritage experiences in bringing home Sarah Baartman HERE and her ode to the enslaved who perished on the São José at #FourthBeachHeritage HERE

Temba Matomela #AstronomyHeritage, a pioneer academic in the study of indigenous astronomy, strives to teach young children about the way the Xhosa people used the sky. Listen to his story: HERE

Lynn Carneson grew up with activist parents during the apartheid era, and lived in the CBD at #BarrackStreetHeritage. She witnessed and remembers the struggles her parents and their family friends endured in the fight for liberation against the apartheid government. Here she shares her account: HERE

Lionel Davis, artist, social activist, educator and former political prisoner from #DistrictSixHeritage uses his own journey of art and art-making to inspire others to believe in themselves. Hear his story: HERE

Sylvia Vollenhoven is an author, journalist, and descendant of indigenous people. She believes maintaining a healthy relationship with her #AncestryHeritage is vital to achieving a spiritual balance. HERE

Hidden on our streets are the stories of our heritage. Uncover the stories that never made it into the history books. Unearth our histories. Explore Iziko Museums of South Africa. With these narratives, Iziko is helping Cape Town remember its heritage and celebrate it. Our people. Our stories. Our heritage.

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