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  • Posted: Apr 23, 2013


It is our pleasure to let you know that the first edition of Iziko Museums of South Africa’s newsletter, i on Iziko, will soon be published. With this newsletter, we would like to share news about our exciting exhibitions, collections and programmes, and of course, keep you up-to-date with any new additions to our collections.

Iziko operates 11 national museums, a Planetarium, Social History Centre (archive) and three collection-specific libraries in Cape Town.

Iziko is an isiXhosa word meaning “hearth” – traditionally and symbolically the social centre of the home, where food is prepared and shared, stories are told, and knowledge is passed from one generation to the next. Similarly, the national museums that make up Iziko are spaces for cultural interaction – where people can gather, share, learn and connect with our history, art, and natural world.

Our museums form an integral part of the life of communities and cities, and contribute significantly to the education, social and economic development of South Africans. Every year, Iziko welcomes more than half a million culturally diverse visitors to our museums, including participants in our education and public programmes.

Inspired by our vision of “African Museums of Excellence that empower and inspire all people to celebrate and respect our diverse heritage”, over the past decade, Iziko has emerged as one of the leading public institutions in the knowledge creation and heritage sector in Africa. We are committed to transformation through revision and reinterpretation of our collections. This can be seen in the many groundbreaking exhibitions of art, social and natural history, and pioneering education and public programmes hosted by Iziko.

Despite limited funding, but often in partnership with other like-minded organisations and individuals, we have made significant progress towards creating museums that are sites of living heritage and life-long learning. We look forward to having meaningful conversations with you, as we strive towards making our museums your museums.

Rooksana Omar, CEO Iziko Museums of South Africa

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