Without and within time: Recovering history in the Ethnography Gallery – the Natives’ Land Act of 19

  • Posted: Nov 25, 2013

Land and the legacy of land dispossession remains a contentious issue within South Africa, and is a subject that is set to continue to evoke strong emotions in those who are connected to the land. To mark the centenary of the passing of the 1913 Natives’ Land Act in South Africa several ‘interventions’ have been installed in the Iziko South African Museum’s Ethnography Hall.                                          

These displays date mainly to the 1970s and portray static assemblages of the rich material culture of indigenous Southern Africans. The removal of cast human figures and the installation of new artefacts that relate to colonial encounters – all contextualised by the story of land dispossession in South Africa over the centuries – address questions of history, cultural contact and resistance to colonialism and apartheid, as well as absences in the displays of certain of the historical role-players.

Without and within timeruns until June 2014.

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