Colonial Archaeology

Research Interests

I am a Maritime Archaeologist with an abiding interest in shipwreck remains especially structural components of ships from the 18th Century. I am currently busy with research into the wrecking of the Dutch slaver Meermin that wrecked on the Cape South coast in 1766 after a slave rebellion on board . Most of the work has focused on finding the remains of the Meermin. We have so far located six wreck assemblages and have still to investigate a further six targets. The work on the Meermin has developed further into the Southern African Slave Wrecks project where we will be looking at different wrecks from the 18th century from different nationalities with slaves from different areas in Africa. This comparative study will kick off in all earnest in 2009 with funding provided by the Ford Foundation through the George Washington University in the United States.

Some of my other research interests include the Archaeology of Seal hunting and Whaling around the Southern African coastline as well as on the Prince Edward Island group in the South Atlantic. I have also a passing interest in the development of Table Bay harbour as the museum is often called in to do impact assessments for development proposals.

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