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For the October school holidays

Davy Dragon goes to the Moon


Davy Dragon finds a strange bug that seems to be lost. He thinks it is a moon-bug and decides to take the bug back to the Moon. But is the Moon the bug’s home? Join us and find out.

3 October – 11 October
Monday to Friday - 11:00, 12:00 & 15:00
Saturday – 12:00 & 15:30
Sunday – 12:00 & 15:30
Especially for children aged 5 and older

For teenagers & adults

Living Inside the Cosmic Egg


On a clear night you cannot see forever, even with the most powerful telescope imaginable. The observable universe ends abruptly at an opaque wall, created by the conditions that followed the big bang beginning. That wall appears to surround us - forming the shell of a hollow sphere, with us at the centre - a Cosmic Egg that contains everything of our universe. Generally dark inside - at least to normal eyesight - it is populated with billions of galaxies, each a gigantic city of stars in itself, each star probably having its own solar system. 

25 September – 6 December
Monday to Friday – 14:00(excluding 2, 30 November & 1-4 December)
Tuesday evening - 20:00 (& sky talk) (excluding 1 December)
Saturday - 14:30
Sunday - 14:30

Suitable for teenagers & adults

The Endless Horizon


Exploration through the ages

In this presentation, we concentrate on the great ages of exploration and focus on explorers who typify each era, from the seafarers of old to the modern day space explorers. We join Columbus, Dias, Da Gama and Cook on their sea voyages. We discuss, amongst others, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, the flight of the Wright brothers and space exploration. This is a fascinating story of man's reach beyond his known world.

5 October – 9 October
Monday to Friday – 13:00