Sky Map

Evening sky in September 2016

Above the northern horizon is a large triangle of bright stars. At the highest point is Altair in Aquilia ( Eagle) while lower are Vega in Lyra (Lire) and Deneb in Cygnus (Swan). To the south is the bright pair of stars known as the Pointers, Alpha and Beta Centauri. They “point” to Crux ( Southern Cross) lower down.
The solar eclipse on 1 September is visible from Cape Town, starting at 9:45 and ending at 11:58 when the Moon covers about 30% of the Sun.  At the beginning of the month planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are low in the west at sunset. Venus sets later every night but by the middle of the month the other two disappear in the glow of the setting sun. By month end at 9pm Venus is above the western horizon in Virgo (Maiden). Planets Saturn and Mars are in Ophuichus ( Water Bearer), a little to the north of Antares, the red supergiant star in Scorpius (Scorpion)

Spring equinox is on 22 September
The Moon is in the early evening sky from 2 September until 18





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