Sky Map

Evening sky in JANUARY 2015

Look for the "watery" constellations in the western sky. Aquarius (Water Bearer) is just above the horizon. Piscis Austrinus (Southern Fish) is higher up and can easily be found once you identify the bright star Fomalhaut. Cetus (Whale) lies more to the north with Pisces (Fishes) just below. Eridanus (River), with its bright star Achernar, appears high overhead. A number of constellations named after birds are above the north-western horizon: Grus (Crane), Phoenix, Pavo (Peacock) and Tucana (Toucan). Above the Southern Cross (Crux) in the southeast is the mythological ship Argo, consisting of Carina (Keel), Vela (Sails) and Puppis (Stern of the Ship). To the northeast is a group of constellations depicting the "summer hunting scene". The Hunter, Orion, easily identified by the three bright Belt Stars, is hunting Taurus (Bull), followed by the Dogs, Canis Major (Big Dog) and Canis Minor (Little Dog). At the feet of the Hunter is Lepus (Hare).

In the same binocular field, both planets Mercury and Venus are visible in the constellation of Capricornus (Sea Goat) to the west but set early. Planet Mars is higher up in Aquarius.

The moon is in the evening sky until 6 January and again from 22 January.




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