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Evening sky in APRIL 2014

Every evening Taurus (Bull) moves towards the western horizon, and by month end it has set. In close pursuit are Orion, the Hunter, and his two dogs, Canis Major (Big Dog) and Canis Minor (Little Dog). The three bright stars of Orion's Belt, now almost perpendicular to the horizon, make it easy to identify the constellation of the Hunter. Below his belt, his dagger contains the Great Orion Nebula, birthplace of new stars. On one shoulder we find the star Betelgeuse, a red supergiant, and diagonally across on his ankle the blue supergiant, Rigel. The Southern Cross (Crux) and Pointers (Alpha and Beta Centauri) appear high in the south-eastern sky. Leo (Lion) above the northern horizon appears upside down, as do most constellation viewed from the Southern Hemisphere. A sickle of stars represents Leo's head and the bright star Regulus ("the little king" in Latin), its heart.

The Moon is in the early evening sky from 4 April until 18 April. It appears close to planet Jupiter in Gemini (Twins) on 6 April. On 14 April it is nearest to Earth and can be seen close to planet Mars in Virgo (Maiden). On 16 April it appears close to planet Saturn in Libra (Scales).





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