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Evening sky in May 2016

The constellation of Crux (Latin for Southern Cross) appears upright, high in the southern sky. Alongside and to the east, Alpha and Beta Centauri, two bright stars known as the pointers, ‘point’ towards the top of Cross. These stars belong to the neighbouring constellation of Centaurus, almost enfolding Crux. Visible in the north, appearing upside down, is the constellation of Leo, the Leo with the bright star, Regulus at its heart. Below Leo are the fainter stars of Leo Minor, Lesser Lion. To the West are two bright stars. Sirius and Procyon, respectively indicating the position of the two dogs, Canis Major ( Big Dog) and Canis Minor ( Little Dog).
Three planets are visible in the evening sky. Mars is in Scorpius, Saturn in Ophiuchus and Jupiter in Leo. The moom is in the evening sky from 8 May until 25 May.
View the Eta Aquarids meteor shower in the early morning from 3:30 to dawn, untill 12 May. This impressive display occurs when the Earth intersects the outbound stream of meteoroids from the disintegration of comet 1P/Halley. Maximum rate occurs on 5 May and is predicted to be 60 meteors per hour.






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