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Evening sky in NOVEMBER 2015

The large asterism of four fairly bright stars towards the north is known as the Great Square of Pegasus. These stars, representing the front of a horse, form part of the constellation Pegasus, the Winged Horse from Greek mythology. Unlike most other constellations that were named from the Northern Hemisphere, the Horse appears the right way up. Below and bordering Pegasus is the constellation of Andromeda, named after the maiden from Greek mythology who was chained to a rock, to be eaten by Cetus the Sea Monster. The constellation of Cetus lies to the east between Pisces (Fishes) and Eridanus (River). The Southern Cross (Crux) and Pointers are low above the southern horizon.

Planets Mercury (moving from Libra into Scorpius and then into Ophiuchus) and Saturn (in Scorpius) set early in the west while Venus (in Virgo), Mars (in Virgo) and Jupiter (in Leo) are visible in the east just before sunrise.

The maximum of four meteor showers, all with good observable prospects, occur in November: the Southern Taurids (5 November), the Northern Taurids (12 November), the Leonids (17 November) and the Alpha Monocerotids (21 November).

The Moon is in the evening sky from 13 November until 26 November.





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