Social History Programmes

Social History Lessons

Grades Lesson Venue Time
R-3 Tiny Tots Slave Lodge 1hr
5 Ancient Egypt Slave Lodge 1.5 hrs
2-4 Music Slave Lodge 1hr
2 Our Flag Slave Lodge 1hr
4-7 What is History Slave Lodge 1hr
2-12 Historical Walk of the Castle Castle 1.5 hrs
The Company’s Garden (Lesson & Walking Tour)
Company’s Garden 1.5 hrs
6 The History of Medicine Lesson Slave Lodge 1.5 hrs
2,4,5 The Khoikhoi Slave Lodge 1.5 hrs
2-4 Life at the Cape in the 18th & 19th century Koopman’s de Wet House 1hr
Places of Worship (Lessons & Walking Tour)
Religious sites 1.5 hrs Slavery at the Cape Slave Lodge 1.5 hrs
4 to Adults
History of the local area: people, places, buildings, sites & museums. (V&A Waterfront Historical Tour)
V & A Waterfront 2 hrs
R-3 Diverse Religions Bo-Kaap Museum 1hr
3-12 Festivals & Customs Bo-Kaap Museum 1.5 hrs
6-12 Kaapse Afrikaans Bo-Kaap Museum 1hr
10-12 Slavery Tour: Colonialism & Imperialism Bo-Kaap Museum 2 hrs
4-Adults Bo-Kaap Walking Tours Bo-Kaap Museum 1.5 hrs
10-12 Heritage & Ideologies Museum sites 1-3 hrs
10-12 The History of Apartheid 1948-1990 Bo-Kaap Museum 1hr
7-12 Rock Art SA Museum 1-1.5 hrs
4-6 San & Khoi SA Museum 1hr
4-6 Early South African Societies SA Museum 1hr
6 Great Zimbabwe SA Museum 1hr
4-7 Archaeology Castle 1hr
6 Trading & Life at Sea Castle 1hr
10-12 Human Rights & Resistance Museum Sites 1hr
10-12 How did the world change from 1450 to 1850? (The Castle and the Cape) Castle 1.5 h hrs
R-9 Ghoema & Glitter: Celebrations & Festivals Bo-Kaap Museum 1.5 hrs
10-12 Ghoema & Glitter: Responsible & Sustainable Tourism Bo-Kaap Museum 1.5 hrs
Transport: Developing of Shipping (Boat rides optional)
SA Maritime Centre 1.5 hrs
Transport: Developing of Shipping Shipwrecks (Boat rides optional)
SA Maritime Centre 1.5 hrs
Transport: Developing of Shipping Containerisation (Boat rides optional)
SA Maritime Centre 1.5 hrs
10-12 Industrial Revolution SA Maritime Centre 1.5 hrs
Glimpsing Hope, Marching for Peace
At the Crypt Memory and Witness Centre, St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town
The booking officer is:
Ann Cox,
Tel: +27 (0)21 424 7360.

Social History Interactive Workshops

Grades Workshops Venue Time
R-9 Story-telling Museum Sites 4 hrs
FET History project writing skills Museum Sites 4 hrs

General Tours of Social History Exhibitions

All ages


People  of Southern Africa
Rock Art
SA Museum 1hr
All ages
Ancient Egypt
Mandela (Temporary exhibition)
Quilting (Temporary exhibition)
Slave Lodge 1hr
All ages
John H. Marsh Collection
The Mendi
The Union Castle Line
Container Ships
South African Maritime Resource Centre 1hr
All ages Built in the style known locally as late Georgian, the house is furnished to give an impression of life in a well-to-do English home during the early years of the British occupation some 200 years ago. Bertram House 1hr
All ages Koopmans-de Wet House is the oldest house museum in South Africa. It is one of only a few remaining late 18th century town-houses in Cape Town. It boasts some of the best pieces of Cape furniture and silver in the country, in addition to a priceless collection of ceramics. Koopmans-de Wet House 1hr
All ages The Bo Kaap museum tells the story of the local community within a national socio-political cultural context. Bo-Kaap Museum 1hr
All ages
Simon Van der Stel’s Manor House
Cloete Cellar
Orientation Centre
Wine Cellar Tour
Groot Constantia 1hr
All ages
  • Ammunition stores
  • Interrogation chamber & Dark Hole
  • Dolphin pool
William Fehr Collection:
  • Paintings, portrayals of frontier wars, ceramics, furniture, etc.
  • Council of Policy room
  • Lady Anne Barnard banqueting hall
Military Museum:
  • Khoi, English & Dutch regiments
  • Signal systems
  • Weaponry
  • Frontier Clashes
  • South African War
Castle of Good Hope 1hr

Direct programme enquiries to the Social History Educators

Tel: +27 (0)21 467 7227/ 481 3817