Baroque Meets Modern

  • Location: Michaelis Collection at the Old Town House
Baroque Meets Modern
Children viewing Ferdinand Bol, Portrait of a Woman (17th century) and Paul Emsley, Fatalist II (1984). Photograph by Iziko Photographer, Carina Beyer.

This exhibition is a reconfiguration of the Iziko Michaelis Collection of Dutch and Flemish paintings. The Old Town House has been re-hung to resemble the way in which pictures were hung in Dutch homes in the 1600's. Modern abstractions have also been inserted into this re-hang, reminding us that the mercantile and democratic Dutch of the 17th century were among the first active dealers and collectors who established the broader precedent of the art collector and the art market as we know it today.

Hayden Proud
Tel. 021 481 3965

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