Drawing on Madiba: An Exhibition of Zapiro's Work on Nelson Mandela

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: June 27, 2011
Drawing on Madiba: An Exhibition of Zapiro’s Work on Nelson Mandela

An exhibition of cartoons by Zapiro pays tribute to Nelson Mandela. The selection of works was first shown at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg, and is the last of six exhibitions put together as part of Madiba’s 90th birthday celebrations.

Zapiro’s message in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday:

“[Mr] Mandela has appeared in my cartoons as the child with the potential to become what he dreams of, as the prisoner embodying a nation imprisoned, as the banned face of the banned struggle, as David slaying the apartheid Goliath, as the bird breaking out of the apartheid cage, as the genie who won’t get back in the bottle, as Moses parting the waters for the masses, and as Moses leading them into the promised land, as the sunrise at the dawn of the new South Africa, as the Colossus bestriding the national landscape, as the architect of democracy, as the rider in the saddle of the GNU [Government of National Unity], as the sculptor hewing racial harmony, as the fireman dousing the flames of crises, as the acrobat anchoring a diplomatic balancing act, as SuperMandela bridging global divides, as Atlas bearing the developing world, as the wind blowing the Springboks to victory, as a jar of Madiba Magic for Bafana Bafana, as the Mandela Bridge spanning the racial divide, as the grandfather dangling the infant nation, as the giant with the massive shoes to fill, as the cowboy and his gal riding into the African sunset, as the tireless globetrotter outpacing all others, as the pioneer pushing open the AIDS secrecy door, as the planet in the fight against HIV/AIDS, as the beaming Nelson atop Nelson’s Column, as the cupid of the divided ANC, as the Conscience of the Nation, as the sun setting on his own era. Happy 90th, Madiba.” – Zapiro


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