The Price of Gold - An Exhibition of Photographs by Thom Pierce

  • Location: Slave Lodge
  • From: December 1, 2015     To: March 31, 2016
The Price of Gold - An Exhibition of Photographs by Thom Pierce
Sekhobe Letsie from Matsieng, Maseru 72 years old Worked in mines for 38 years Has silicosis – did not receive compensation © Thom Pierce

Iziko Slave Lodge, currently on show until 31 March 2016

A new photographic exhibition entitled, The Price of Gold—curated by Cape-Town photographer Thom Pierce—is on display at the Iziko Slave Lodge. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the 69 ill miners who, on behalf of all affected miners and their families, have applied for a class-action lawsuit against 32 gold-mining companies in South Africa, for exposure to toxic silica dust in the mines.

Since 1965, thousands of miners have been diagnosed with silicosis, a preventable but incurable lung disease that is contracted in the gold mines through inadequate protection from silica dust. Miners who contract silicosis get tired and out of breath quickly and are prone to lung infections, respiratory failure and tuberculosis (TB).

Thom Pierce journeyed through the back roads of the Eastern Cape and Free State provinces via the mountains of Lesotho, up to Johannesburg, to document the people at the forefront of the case against the mining giants. These men and women were either miners or were left behind after the migrant workers contracted silicosis and/or TB in the gold mines. Pierce covered vast distances over 20 days to capture their stories and images.

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