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Art Club at Iziko is an initiative that started in 2015, for neighbouring schools in the CBD, by Art Educators at Iziko Museums. The idea for the programme was to expose learners to the Iziko South African National Gallery, and provide a space for learners to be creative with non-curriculum art projects – allowing them to explore and learn about various art-making materials. At its core, Art Club at Iziko seeks to provide access to children who would otherwise not have experienced art, and art-making. 

Initially, Art Club was offered to learners from grade 3-7, every Thursday afternoon from 14h15-15h15, in the South African National Gallery and Annexe. However, with the onset of COVID19, Iziko was unable to host Art Club, and other programmes, at the Museum – and in light of this, the Iziko Art Education Department has created downloadable art activities for parents, guardians and educators to make use of, in the safety of their own homes and classrooms, when guiding learners through art-making projects. The activities are designed to make use of materials that learners will have in their pencil bags, or from materials at home. Learners/parents/guardians/educators are also encouraged to adapt the activity depending on the learner’s ability in, or exposure to, art.

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