Kashiefa Millward

Administrative Assistant

Kashiefa Millward is the Administrative Assistant of the Education Department. She is the all-rounder in the department, assisting with various tasks such as typing up minutes, handling petty cash, and submitting vehicle reports as well as monthly reports to finance and HR. She is also the Education Director’s right-hand man. ‘I enjoy working with my colleagues – I have the best colleagues ever,’ she says. ‘We are a close-knit family here at work, they make my job so much easier. The best part is proper communication, which adds to enjoying my work. We also have a cool Director; I feel I can be myself, I can speak to my Director about anything and everything as he is very understanding. That also makes my job pretty cool!’

Ms Millward describes herself as a people person, and says she loves assisting where she is able to and loves to see people happy. She believes that honesty is the best policy, communication is the key to anything, and that being nice to the world makes your job easier.

Ms Millward’s academic plans are to complete her studies at Unisa and then further her career. She intends on studying project management part time. Her hobbies, meanwhile, include swimming, reading and caring for stray animals, and she loves spending time with her family in the great outdoors.

Her favourite exhibitions held at Iziko Museums include Candice Breitz’s Extra! and Rendez-vous 12, which were both displayed at the South African Art Gallery.


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