Nelson Kilimani

Technical Assistant

Nelson Kilimani is the Technical Assistant (Taxidermy) at Iziko Museums of South Africa. He stuffs animals and birds, but also works as the bus driver for the Mobile Museum and Outreach Programme, which visits schools and companies. He describes himself as a hands-on and artistic person, explaining that this is why he chose taxidermy as a career.

Mr Kilimani has attended several taxidermy training workshops in Cape Town and his academic plan is to earn more experience and knowledge in the field of taxidermy and keep up with new developments, with the future goal of becoming a Curatorial Manager, training young people in the skill.

His favourite exhibition at Iziko is the Whale Well at the South African Museum, and he also enjoys the exhibitions of animals and birds, as they relate to his area of expertise.

Travel-wise, he has visited Durban and Kimberley, and counts the V&A Waterfront and Knysna as among his favourite places in South Africa.


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