Ofentse Letebele

Multi-Media Designer

Ofentse Letebele is the Multimedia Designer at Iziko Museums of South Africa, creating multimedia designs and mixed media productions for the Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome. He enjoys producing educational content that engages and informs the public about science in a creative way. His values are health, creativity and honesty. These permeate his career and life, because, he says, without them he would not be able to fulfil his duties as a citizen and a professional. His professional accomplishments include being a finalist in both the 2018: Visual Art Open competition (UK) and the 2014 Cape Town Design Capital Public Art Competition. He has a BA in Multimedia Design and Technology. He describes himself as being a hermit outside of work and spends his time meditating and watching his plants grow.

Mr Letebele’s favourite exhibition at Iziko was the Experimental Film Festival at the Planetarium in 2019, because, he says, it was cutting edge and innovative. He also loved it because he was involved in the curation and production.

He has been to London and Ethiopia, and would love to go to Tokyo and Lagos. ‘My favourite place is the Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome,’ he says. ‘I spend most of my time here, so I’m happy about that. Drink water, stay blessed.’



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