‘Mother Africa – Welcome Home’


This new exhibition shows the unique archaeological discoveries that have been made at the coastal sites Blombos cave, Klasies River cave and Klipdrift shelter in the southern Cape. Occupied by early Homo sapiens between 120 000 and 50 000 years ago, this is a key period in the evolution of modern human behaviour.

The We Are All One message features strongly throughout the exhibition, pointing to the clear genetic evidence that all Homo sapiens – people like us – have their origins in Africa. You can take pride in viewing the oldest collection of abstract art, the oldest bone awls used for sewing, the oldest chemistry kit, the first containers, among the first pieces of handmade jewellery and the first evidence for the use of a bow and arrow – and knowing that all these firsts were invented in southern Africa.

The Origins of Early Sapiens Behaviour Exhibition: Mother Africa – Welcome Home is a showcase of more than thirty years of archaeological research undertaken by Professor Christopher Henshilwood, Professor Sarah Wurz, Dr Karen van Niekerk and their research teams at the Blombos cave, Klasies River and Klipdrift shelter sites situated in the southern Cape. The exhibition has been curated by award-winning documentary filmmaker Craig Foster and Wits curator, Petro Keene.

Dr Wendy Black, curator of archaeology and the Blombos collection at Iziko, will do a walkabout interactive session for the Friends. Please join this unique opportunity to be shown around this exhibition by Wendy. This world class exhibition presents an opportunity for Friends appreciate the origins of humankind of which the Iziko Museum can justifiably be proud of.

There are several lovely places for lunch around the Iziko South African Museum which members of the Friends may want to go to after this tour.


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