Kemet: Life in Ancient Egypt

Iziko Museums of South Africa in partnership with the Friends of Design: Academy of Digital Arts, presents the exhibition: Kemet: Life in Ancient Egypt.



This student-driven project, centred round creating an augmented reality

experience in ancient Egypt.  The exhibition brings the past back to life, demonstrating, how new technologies can successfully augment the museum experience.


The overarching exhibition theme explores how Ancient Egypt shapes our world today exploring five elements relating to:

Writing Systems, Pharaohs, Science and Technology, Beliefs and Religion, and Recreation. The revamped displays in the exhibition space include a scale model of an Egyptian mummification chamber and an Egyptian slave scene.


Interactive elements include:

An Augmented Reality Activity that will showcase the Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt and The Soul's Journey through the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife. Games, puzzles and take away primary and secondary learning resources about ancient Egypt, including resources to support a school visit, classroom resources and online resources.  

The downloadable smartphone app uses the phone’s camera to add elements of interactivity to these displays/scenes,that will show museum visitors extra information about a display, add animated digital elements such as narration or

a rotating 3D image of an object and display photos and videos linked to an object.

The app also displays animated ‘characters’ using a tool or performing a task.