Melody Kleinsmith


Melody Kleinsmith is a multi-skilled, solutions-driven leader whose analytical ability enables her to develop and implement strategy in a pragmatic manner. She is a dynamic and confident communicator with solid experience in stakeholder relationship management, project management, and communications and marketing. She is currently employed as the Marketing and Communications Manager at Iziko Museums of South Africa. This curious life-long learner loves museums, libraries, and discovering our African roots. Thanks to the book “Camping for Dummies” and a three-week road trip, she has learned the terrifying joys of turning left on untarred roads, being a tourist in her own country and continent, and exploring bush and beach. She is the mother of a Troyceratops and Kairanosaurus Rex, the eighth wife (after SuperSport Channels 1-7) of the ultimate comrade (road runner), and a recovering workaholic learning about work/life balance. Melody has an odd sense of humour and regularly breaks out in song at work.


Acting Director Advancement


AA: Wendy Britz
Tel: +27 (0)21 481 3896

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