Jake Harding

Jake Harding is an archaeologist with a focus on underwater cultural heritage. He is a strong believer in the strengths of interdisciplinary research to enhance our understanding of the world we live in and the past from which we have come. He has worked at Iziko Museums in a research capacity since 2013 and is currently Collections Manager for the material recovered by the Slave Wrecks Project. As a member of the Slave Wrecks Project team he has worked alongside project partners in both St Croix in the US Virgin Islands and Ilha de Mozambique.

Mr Harding serves as a part of Iziko’s research diving capacity, performing various roles in the field, such as skipper and dive supervisor, as part of the Maritime Archaeology and Historical Archaeology teams both locally and in support of research partners abroad. He also contributes to the conservation and collections management of the Maritime Archaeology and Historical Archaeology collections.

He is fascinated by the potential of technology to enhance both the research of underwater cultural heritage and the means with which this research can be shared. Advancements in computing and machine learning allow data sets to be larger, more detailed and more accurate. Further, and perhaps more importantly, technologies such as photogrammetry and 3D rendering make this information more accessible and more approachable than ever.


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