New Acquisitions

September 2015

Title Author Pub. Date Class No.

The New Church No. 2:
pop goes the revolution 

    709.68 NEW
Exact Imagination: 300
Years of Botanically Inspired
Art in South Africa
    743.7074 EXA
Memory against forgetting Ranjith Kally   770.68 KAL
The Devine comedy: heaven,
Purgatory and Hell Revisited
by Contemporary African Artists   
Simon Njami   709.6 SIM
Impressions from south africa: 1965 to now  Judith Hecker   769.968 HEC
Tyrone Appollis today and yesterday      759.968 APP
Carlo Ceresa: un pittore bergamasco nel'600  Luisa Vertova   759.5 CER
Meschac Gaba: Meschac Gaba : Museum of Contemporary African Art  Meschac Gaba   709.2 GAB
The art of humanism     709.45 CLAR
Penny Siopis: time and again      709.68 SIO
Art as therapy Alain de Botton    701.18 DEB
Uncertain curature : in and out of the archive  Carolyn Hamilton  and Pippa Skotnes   069.5 UNC
Pieter Hugo: este debe ser el lugar Omar Pascual   779.68 HUG
Pop to Popism  Anneke Jaspers   709 POP
Prints and drawings: Europe 1500-1900  Peter Raissis   709.4 RAI 
Raw color: the Circles of David Smith  David Breslin   730.92 RAW
Make it new: abstract painting from the National Gallery of Art 1950-1975 Harry Cooper   759.06 COO
Arthur Boyd: agony & ecstacy  Arthur Boyd   709.2 BOY
So called: Edward West  Edward West   77.92 WES
Gerard de Leeuw: 1912-1985  Fred  Scott   730.92 SCO
Craft Art in South Africa : Creative intersections  ElbeCoetsee   745.68 COE
BP portrait award 2012 National Portrait Gallery   757.094105 BPP 
12 years a slave: a true story  Solomon Northup   306.362092 NOR


September 2011

Title Author Pub. Date Class No.
Eileen Cooper: deeper water Art First (London) 2007 759.2 COO
Bonnefanten Museum Wegen, Rik van 1995 708.949 248 BON
Summer 2007/8 Stevenson, Michael; Perryer, Sophie; 2007 709.68 STE
Willem Boshoff: e´pat Boshoff, Willem; Perryer, Sophie 2007 709.68 BOS
Richard Long: walking and marking National Gallery of Scotland 2007 709.2 LON
Evidence: Gunvor Nelson Widenheim, Cecilia; Nelson, Gunvor 2006 791.43 NEL
Sustainable Museums Rachel Madan 2011 069.63 MAD
Shadows - Works from the National Museum of Art   2010 708.1 TOY
Art and Experience in Classical Greece CambridgeUniversityPress 1972 709.38 POL
Fortitude - New art from Queensland Queenslandart gallery 2000 709.90 QUE
Urban Animal   2009 709.68 TUL
In Context Goodman gallery 2010 707.4 GOO
Tretchikoff - The people's painter Jonathan Ball Publishers 2010 759.968 TRE
Dream Traces   2010 759.994 DRE
Art of Tomorrow Deutche Guggenheim 1997 709.05 REB
The People's Progress The Art Gallery of New Swouth Wales 1996 761.2074 PEO
African cultural dynamics
Busca, Joe 2002 709.6 BUS
Art : a history of painting, sculpture, architecture Vol.2,
Renaissance, baroque, modern world.
Hartt, Frederick 1977 709 HAR
Flavours of the arts : from Mughal India to Bollywood Laurent Aubert 2011 709.54 AUB
Elmina (DVD)
  2010 AV 216
A journey of soul : the Buddhist painting of the Joseon
Kim, Seunghee 2009 759.548 SEU

Thandabantu: A photographic journey through Southern Africa, 1919 to 1939 (2007) 779.930 589 68 THAApril 2011     

Botaki: Exhibition 2 Pissarra, Mario (2005) 709.68 BOT

Mustafa Maluka: Accented living, a rough guide  Perryer, Sophie and Stevenson, Michael (2005) 709.2 MAL

Infra-red Brenner, Joni (2002) 709.2 BRE

Jorge Pardo: K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen  Krystof, Doris (ed) (2009) 709.2 JOR

Deep Skin Younge, Gavin (2009) 709.2 YOU

19th Century French photographs from the National Gallery of Canada Borcoman, James (20100 779.0944 BOR

The End of the World?: Kinsky Palace, 26.5.-19.11.2000 Knizak, Milan and Demcakova, Tatiana (eds) (2000) 709.04 END

Graceland Du Preez, Max and Aggenbach, Sanell (2009) 709.68 AGG

Artists in Dialogue: António Ole, Aimé Mpane Milbourne, Karen (2009) 709.6 MIL

Sanell Aggenbach (2007) 709.68 AGG

A Madagascar: Photographies de Jacques Faublée, 1938-1941 Garlinkski, Majan; Hopkins, Eve and Faublee, Jacques (2010) 770.92 MAD

Artistas de Mocambique Banco Totta & Acores; Banco Standard Totta de Mocambique; Electricidade de Portugal (1998) 709.679 ART

Hiding Behind Simple Things Gouws, Andries (2006) 759.968 GOU

Creation Myths: Man's Introduction to the World Maclagan, David (1989) 291.24 MAC

Irma Stern – As a Collector: A Selection from the Wide Range of Articles and Artefacts Collected by the Artist  Banks, Steven and Davison, Patricia (1986) 709.968 355 BAN

Talking Pictures: Theatralitat in zeitgenossischen Film- und Videoarbeiten  Alimpiev, Viktor; Krystof, Doris and Scheuermann, Barbara (2007) 778.5 TAL

Van Gogh: Adventure of Becoming an Artist (2010) 759.949 2 VAN

Ernest Cole: Photographer Knape, Gunilla; Robertson, Struan and Powell, Ivor (2010) 779.092 ERN

Man Ray: Unconcerned but Not Indifferent (2010) 709.2 MAN

A Legacy of Men (2007) 709.68 LEG

In a Furnished Flat in Cairo: Françoise Bridel, Hala Elkoussy, Pascale Favre, Michael Günzburger, Maha Maamoun, Sarah Rifky, Inas Sediq Elkoussy, Hala and Shawkat, Nabil (2004) 709.621 6 FUR

Deborah Poynton: Selected Paintings 1998-2000 Poynton, Deborah (2001) 759.968 POY

Renoir: Tradition and Innovation (2010) 759.4 REN

Karel Nel: View on the Inner House: 16 September -10 October 1996 (1996) 741.092 NEL

Sanell Aggenbach (2007) 709.68 AGG

Turner Prize 08  Kerr, Carolyn; Little, Helen and O'Brien, Sophie (2008) 709.42 TUR

The Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe, 1600-1750  Millon, Henry A (ed) (1999) 724.16 TRI

Encounters of Bamako 9: The African Photography Biennial: [borders] (2009) 770 ENC

Lucie Rie: A retrospective (2010) 738.092 RIE

Habersiz Bulusma Istanbul: Deutsche Bank ve Sakip Sabanci Muzesi koleksiyonlari (Blind date Istanbul: Deutsche Bank and Sakip Sabanci Museum Collections) (2007) 708.3 HAB

Susan Rosenberg: Still, Life Picardie, Justine and Buckman, David (2004) PAM 709.2 ROS

Victorian Visions: Nineteenth Century Art from the John Schaeffer Collection  Beresford, Richard (2010) 709.42 BER

Justin O'Brien: The Sacred Music of Colour Pearce, Barry; Wilson, Natalie and O'Brien, Justin (2010) 709.2 PEA

Abstraction: Paths to Abstraction, 1867-1917 Maloon, Terence (ed) (2010) 709.034 ABS

Wilderness: Balnaves Contemporary Painting Tunnicliffe, Wayne (ed) (2010) 759.994 WIL

The First Emperor: China's Entombed Warriors (Qin Shihuang ji qi di xia da jun) Liu, Yang; Capon, Edmund; Yuan, Zhongyi and Riegel, Jeffrey (2010) 730. 095 107 401 3 FIR

2010 Archibald Prize (2010) 757 TWO

Alfred Stieglitz: The Lake George Years Stieglitz, Alfred; Annear, Judy; Greenough, Sarah and O'Keeffe, Georgia (2010) 779.092 STI

Dessins du sie`cle d'or hollandais: la collection Jean de Grez  Hautekeete, Stefaan (2007) 741.949 2 DES

John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes, 1883-1899: Complete Paintings Vol 5 Ormond, Richard (2010) 759.13 ORM

The Arts of Africa at the Dallas Museum of Art Walker, Roslyn A (2009) 709.60747642812 WAL

Boarding House Ballen, Roger (2009) 779.092 BAL

Guillermo Kuitca: Everything: Paintings and Works on Paper, 1980-2008 Dreishpoon, Douglas and Huyssen, Andreas (2009) 709.2 GUI

Altermodern: Tate Triennial Bourriaud, Nicolas (ed) (2009) 709.42 ALT