Invertebrate palaeontology

Middle Devonian fossils


Material from the Bokkeveld Group includes bivalves, brachiopods, crinoids, trilobites and sponges (see also under Karoo palaeontology).

Trace Fossil Collection

There are some 300 trace fossils, which are mainly arthropod trackways from the Lower Ecca varved shales (Early Permian)

Cretaceous Fossil Collection


The Cretaceous invertebrate fossil collection comprises several thousand ammonite specimens. These are mostly keeled, although there are also some good examples of heteromorphs with anomalously coiled shells. The Van Hoepen type specimens are on permanent loan from the National Museum in Bloemfontein.

Cretaceous to Recent Micro Fossil Collection

There are over 1000 marine and fresh-water Ostracoda and Foraminifera specimens in the microfossil collection. 

Taphonomy Collection

The collection includes comparative assemblages of marine molluscs from modern contexts.