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Iziko Langebaanweg ‘E’ Quarry Mammal Collection searchable database

The Langebaanweg ‘E’ Quarry Collection, which forms the core of the Cenozoic Collection at Iziko South African Museum, comprises an extremely rich and diverse early Pliocene (5 Ma) sample. Almost all mammal Orders are represented although much of the material is yet to be studied systematically.

From 2004 to 2009 the Research into Human Origins Initiative (RHOI), under Prof. T.D. White and the late Prof. F.C. Howell, supported the Langebaanweg Re-Curation Project, which has been directed by Dr D.M. Avery, previous Curator of the Langebaanweg Collection. The main aim was to develop a computer catalogue of the original collections and an accompanying website but the project also included an audit and re-organization of the Collection. Development of this site as a searchable database of the main Langebaanweg Mammal Collection, which is housed at Iziko South African Museum is a product of the RHOI Langebaanweg Project. The database presently includes all the most important specimens and most other accessioned material. Photographs of the main specimens will be added as they become available.

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Iziko Biodiversity Explorer

The Iziko Biodiversity Explorer website has steadily grown in content and popularity since it was first launched on 18 May 2000. Biodiversity Explorer is devoted to showing and explaining the diversity, biology and interactions of life in southern Africa (south of the Kuneni and Zambezi rivers), from viruses through to multicellular organisms such as mammals and birds. The website has recently undergone a major revision and now contains over 5000 web pages and over 4000 images. Visitors are encouraged to explore the sites and provide feedback and suggestions for improvements. 

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WaspWeb - Wasps of Africa and Madagascar

A bioinformatics resource for wasps recorded from the Afrotropical biogeographical region (Africa south of the Sahara including Madagascar and smaller surrounding islands).

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A website dedicated to figs and figwasps. 

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