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Evening sky in May 2018

Crux (Southern Cross), set against the riches of the Milky Way, is at its highest at this time of the year.  When not troubled by moonlight or bright city lights this is a wonderful section of the Milky Way to scan with binoculars.  To the west of the Cross a number of star clusters and glowing nebulae can be sighted (the 2018 Sky Guide Africa South available from local bookshops makes a great reference book).   East of the Cross are the two pointer stars, the furthest from the cross is Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighbouring Solar system.  Orion (Hunter) which has dominated our summer skies now disappears in the west in the early evening while Scorpius (Scorpion) rises in the east. The brightest reddish star Antares is the heart of the scorpion, above the northern hemisphere Leo (Lion) can be recognised by its sickle shaped asterism.

Further east planet Jupiter appears brightly in the constellation of Libra (Scales).   Binoculars will show a tiny, pale yellow disc.   Depending on their positions, the four brightest moons in Jupiter (Io, Calisto Ganymede and Europa) are also visible through binoculars.  Saturn is appears low on the Western horizon in Sagittarius (Archer).

 The Moon is in the evening sky until 4 May and again after the 18 May.  


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