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Evening sky in November 2017

The changing of the seasons is reflected in the positions of the constellations. Scorpius (winter) is setting in the west with its tail pointing upwards while Orion (summer) rises in the east with the three stars forming the Belt low above the horizon.

To the north are four stars, the Great Square, forming the body of Pegasus, the Flying Horse. Look for the Great Galaxy in Andromeda, down and to the right of Pegasus. The light of this large neighbouring galaxy has travelled about 2.5 million light years to reach the Earth and represents the farthest we can see with the naked eye. Almost directly overhead is the bright star Fomalhaut. A directly imaged, extrasolar object and planet candidate, named Dagon, orbits around this bright star. Low above the southern horizon is Crux, the Southern Cross. Above it and slightly to the east are the Pointers, two bright stars in line with the top star of the Cross.

Planets Mercury and Saturn can be seen low in the west in the early evening sky. Toward month-end Saturn sets early and may be a challenge to see before it sets.

The moon is in the evening sky until 5 November and again after 19 November.



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