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The Year of Unity and Renewal: Protecting and Preserving our Human Rights Gains

Join Iziko Museums of South Africa in commemorating and celebrating Human Rights Day For media images and[…]

Wonders of Nature

The exhibition comprises a selection of 20 objects highlighting the beauty and diversity of natural forms across space and time. Among others, fossilised freshwater fish from the Triassic period, ammonites from the Jurassic, and the petrified skull of a 250-million-year-old mammal-like reptile contrast starkly with the more recent antlers of a moose, a whale skull and vertebra, the shell of a giant clam, a turtle carapace and a piece of chalice coral. Older, and even more enduring, are giant twinned quartz crystals from Namaqualand, and an iron meteorite that may date back to the beginning of the solar system.

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