Management: Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee.

The Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee (Exco) consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Executive Director Core Functions, the Executive Director Operations and the Chief Financial Officer, with the Director Advancement in the Office of the CEO playing a supporting role.

The Senior Management Team

Iziko has three business units, namely Core Functions; Operations; and the Office of the CEO, comprising the departments of Advancement, and Finance and Administration.

  • The Core Functions unit includes the departments of Collections and Digitisation; Research and Exhibitions; and Education;
  • The Operations unit includes the departments of Support Services and Human Resources;
  • The heads of the Core Functions and Operations departments – along with the Chief Financial Officer, the Director Advancement and the members of the Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee – constitute the Senior Management Team (SMT) of Iziko, under the leadership of the CEO. 

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PA: Lungi Mvimbi
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