Outreach Programmes

Our Public Programmes and Mobile Museum Outreach Programme are part of an enriching and enabling community initiative whose main aim is to ‘bring the museum’ to communities who are otherwise unable to visit Iziko.

The core function of the Education and Public Programmes departments, and especially of the Outreach Programmes, is to offer multimodal programmes by utilising the collections, objects, stories, exhibitions, commemorative days and other resources that are inclusive, encourage participation, promote awareness, enhance knowledge and understanding, foster respect for human rights and contribute to social cohesion and human dignity.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Programmes that encourage lifelong learning in our diverse audiences.
  • Programmes that are aimed at fostering social cohesion and nation-building through intra- and intergenerational dialogues.
  • Promoting Iziko and its collections beyond its sites through the Mobile Museum.
  • Establishing strategic collaborations with various institutions.


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