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3rd Iziko Symposium – Day 3

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Iziko Museums of South Africa, in celebration of International Museum Day, presents the 3rd Iziko Symposium.

D3: Thursday, 19 May 2022
Explore the Natural History Collections:

  • Invertebrate Fossils as Geoheritage: Bridging the Gap between Invertebrate Fossils and the Public at the Iziko South African Museum by Cameron Perumal
  • Curating insects in the Iziko entomology collection by Aabid Abrahams    
  • Preservation and Conservation of Terrestrial Vertebrate Collections by Gabriel Lukoji

Time: 13h00

Venue: TH Barry Auditorium – Iziko South African Museum

RSVP: 3rdIzikoSymposium_Day3

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