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The Year of Unity and Renewal: Protecting and Preserving our Human Rights Gains

Join Iziko Museums of South Africa in commemorating and celebrating Human Rights Day For media images and[…]

Earth Day 2020: The Adventures of Mbali – Iziko’s Super Explorer

Iziko Museums of South Africa celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the online launch of The Adventures of Mbali – Iziko’s Super Explorer­; a comic book strip featuring Mbali – a young explorer set on combatting climate change – and created by Karoo and Invertebrate Palaeontology interns at Iziko Museums: Louis Jonk, Devonne Kortje and Mogammad Hendricks

The comic book strip’s lead character, Mbali, tackles the environmental and climate issues facing us today, and educates us about the natural world. Some say Mbali is Eliza Thornberry’s third cousin, born in the heart of South Africa; some say she has the superhuman ability to count 1000 ants without losing track, and that she can sense a mongoose napping underground from two kilometres away. Some say Mbali even knows the lyrics to the pop songs the whales are really singing in Iziko’s Whale Well. All we know is that Mbali is our super curious friend – an Earth Day Iziko explorer

Download your very own Earth Day activities here!

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