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JellyWorld – an ocean full of jellyfish in a world changed by people

Jellyfish blooms are becoming increasingly prevalent in the oceans of the world. Masses of jellyfish swarms are commonly observed in our own Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem, threatening our food security. Overfishing and pollution are primary drivers of jellyfish blooms and we as humans therefore indirectly threaten our own existence. JellyWorld raises appreciation and awareness of the role that jellyfish play in marine ecosystems and highlights why they are important to society. The exhibition showcases the latest cutting-edge research performed by local jellyfish scientists and partners.

Installation view, multimedia display, JellyWorld, Iziko South African Museum. Photograph: Nigel Pamplin. © Iziko Museums of South Africa.

Jellyfish are prevalent in all oceans on earth and many people have been stung or encountered one. The exhibition uses infographics, video, props and Cnidarian specimens from the Iziko marine invertebrate collections, centred around the theme of human/jellyfish interaction, presenting little-known facts about the impact of humans on the environment. Unsustainable practices like overfishing and pollution lead directly to climate change. We depend on the balance of jellyfish numbers in relation to our food sources to ensure security.  

Installation view, JellyWorld, Iziko South African Museum. Photograph: Nigel Pamplin. © Iziko Museums of South Africa.

Biodiversity and climate change are contemporary issues with significant future impacts. JellyWorld diversifies the use of museum collections by creating augmented individual and group learning experiences for visitors to explore content about evolution, animal diversity and classification, biodiversity, climate change and oceanography.

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